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Known Models that have been produced by the Florence Arts Company.

1 – Cylindrical lamp on wide flat base with switch, small bottle. Gold finish.

2 – Cylindrical lamp on wide flat base with switch, large bottle. Gold finish.

3 – Cylindrical lamp in three-legged wire stand, large bottle. Gold finish.

4 – Same lamp, black matte finish with gold stand.

5 – Cylindrical lamp with three metal legs, scrolled at top and bottom, large bottle. Gold finish.

6 – Same lamp, black matte finish.

7 – Twin lamp. Two small cylinders on decorative cross-bars, with finials below. Center topped by metal final with loop, on wide flat base with switch. Gold finish.

8 – Twin lamp. Similar to 7, with large cylinders. Gold finish.

9 – Twin lamp. Similar to 8. Center has tapered wood post, wider at top, topped by metal finial with loop. Gold finish.

10 – Twin lamp. Similar to 8, with cylinders supported by curved metal arms. Wood center column is reversed, larger at bottom.

11 – Twin lamp. Two large cylinders supported by S-bend arms attached to small cross-piece, with finials below.
Center has tapered wood post, wider at top, topped by metal finial with loop. Gold finish.

13 – Triple lamp. Cluster of three cylinders on round, extra-wide flat base with switch. Each mounted on metal stem, at three different heights. Large bottles. Gold finish.

14 – Triple lamp. Spaced row of three cylinders on long, rectangular hardwood base with switch. Each mounted on metal stem, center lamp set higher than side lamps. Large bottles. Gold finish.

15 – Unusual style single lamp. Big bottle* in filigree metal cylinder on round, flat hardwood base with switch. Gold finish.

16 – Same lamp*, with woodgrained metal base.

17 – Cylindrical lamp on flared, woodgrain metal base with switch, large bottle, unusual taller cap. Gold finish.

18 – Cylindrical lamp having fancy, intricate cast-brass cap and base, cap is pointed, base narrows then flares. Part of base contains marble or sandstone disk. Bottle is unusually large. Gold finish.

19 – Conical lamp. Bottle is a cone, wider at bottom. Base is a cone, wider at top, on a flared pedestal with push switch. Plastic cap is a flared brass knob with a stepped top. Gold finish.

20 and 21 are the Magic Lite and Action Starlight. Nos. 15 and 16 are Stardust Lites, Nos. 17 and 19 are unknown, all others are assumed to be Florence lamps.

Known Florence Art liquid colors include clear, mint green and medium green, golden yellow, amber, flame orange, red, both pale and medium rose-pink, sapphire blue, and a wonderful dark blue that, when lit, appears to fade from blue at the bottom through purple to wine-red at the top. Stardust Lites came in medium green, red, sapphire blue and golden, noted simply as '‘red, blue, green or gold’'. A 1969 wholesale catalog shows some Florence Art lamps. On the above list, they are no. 5 in flame orange, no. 7 mint green, and no. 14 dark blue with dark brown wood. I’ve seen double lamps with one or two colors, and triples with one, two (say, two red and a clear) or three (say, red, green, amber) globes. I have seen Magic Lites in clear, amber and flame-orange, and Action Starlights in clear, golden yellow, amber, flame-orange, medium green and sapphire blue.

Thanks to Jonas Goo for this wonderful information.